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Difference Between Harp 1.0 and Harp 2.0

Difference Between Harp 1.0 and Harp 2.0:

What’s the pricing difference between the Harp 1.0 and the Harp 2.0 on second homes and an investment property?

Big pricing difference between Harp 1.0 and Harp 2.0!  You are better off refinancing under the Harp 2.0 program the pricing is much better thus saving you money.  Why pay a higher interest rate.


Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. offers the following loan products:


  1.  FHA Loans
  2.  203 K Loans
  3.  Reverse Mortgages
  4.  Conventional Loans
  5.  Conforming Loans
  6.  NonConforming/Jumbo Loans
  7.  Va Loans
  8.  Fannie Mae Home Path
  9.  Fannie Du Refi Plus
  10.  Freddie Mac Relief Refi
  11.  Obama Refinance Program- Harp 1.0 & Harp 2.0


When considering your next harp loan, consider Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. Experience does matter!   We’ve been in business since 1998. We are now serving the state of Arizona.

Experience does matter! We’ve been in business since 1998. We are now serving the states of Arizona and New Mexico. We are a full service Phoenix mortgage broker not a banker. What’s the difference between a Phoenix mortgage broker and a bank? Well, we have the ability to shop your loan for the lowest interest rates. We don’t offer just one loan product. That means if your loan gets denied by a lender, than we can just switch your loan over to another lender for approval. We don’t have to call you up and say, “I’m sorry your loan was denied.” Instead, we have the ability to shop around to see which company can help you. We also have lower overhead. That means we can pass on our cost savings to our customers which thus allows you to obtain a lower home mortgage interest rate. Why pay a higher interest rate? When considering your next home mortgage loan, consider a Phoenix mortgage broker.

For more information go to our home page at www.azwm.com/harp-2-0-update.html and click on contact us.  A licensed loan officer will be more than happy to return your call and answer your home mortgage loan questions.


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