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Chandler Mortgage Broker Offers Tips On Staying Cool

Chandler Mortgage Broker Offers Tips On Staying


We are your Chandler mortgage broker. Dont’ have a pool in your backyard.  Looking for ideas on how to stay cool this summer?  If you live in Arizona in the summertime it sure is hot here. If you are looking for fun family activities this summer try buying season tickets to Wet N Wild in Phoenix. I can guarantee your kids will have blast and you will be able to stay cool. Don’t have a pool & you don’t want to waste your money on water park tickets? Then, try taking your kids to the public pools. Many public pools now come with a water slide. While it’s not quite as much fun as the water park it’s still a little fun and a good way to cool off from heat. Here’s another fun idea for kids.  Slip N Slides are really fun for little kids and they are extremely affordable.  Don’t have enough money to afford one?  Well, here’s how you can design your own. Go find an old vinyl table cloth.  Lay it on the ground.  Then squirt alot of dish soap onto the vinyl table cloth.  You can make your Slip N Slide as slippery as you want.  The more soap you add the slipperier it becomes.  Are you new to Arizona?  Here’s a tip.  Try to stay out of the sun during the day.  Try to plan your activities or errands either early in the morning or later in the evenings.  Living in Arizona is no different than living back east where it’s cold.  Arizona temperatures are just soaring hot in the summer while temperature back East are freezing cold in the winter.  Learning to adapt your schedule will make a huge difference when learning to deal with the heat.  Remember don’t leave home without a cold water bottle in the sun.  It’s no different than packing a blanket & a shovel in your trunk if you live back East.  It’s the same thing. Being prepared is the key.  You might laugh at this tip for now but you will thank be later.  If you plan on parking your car out in the hot sun for a long period of time, bring a towel and lay it over the seat buckle.  This way when you get back into the car and have to buckel yourself up, you won’t burn yourself.  Do you have an infant with a car seat?  You definitely want to bring a towel or blanket and cover the car seat up.  A hot buckel can burn the baby.  Trust me, it gets really hot here.

When you have finally had enough of living without a pool and decide to buy a new home, give us a call.  We can help.

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