Black Friday Underwriting Fee Special

Black Friday 2017 is almost here.  We are already seeing some Black Friday specials from our mortgage lending partners.  Some of them are offering underwriting fee specials.  For example, one lender is offering 50% off their underwriting fee if you submit and close your mortgage loan within the month of November 2017.

What If I Can’t Start My Mortgage Application Before November?

Don’t worry interest rates are pretty much holding steady.  We haven’t been seeing them spike up or down on a daily basis.  In the Phoenix market, there are still alot of great deals out there in the used home market.  Even though the foreclosure crisis is over, we are still seeing great deals on the sale of existing homes.

Where Are the Great Deals?

Well, I hate to say it but if a couple gets a divorce and the divorce turns ugly which mean of them do then that’s where you will find your best deal.  When people go from loving each other to hating each other they loose site of what’s in the best interst of their entire family.  They get to the point of where they don’t care.  As a result, they do things that are not in their best interest.  I have seen many people not pay their mortgage when they had plenty of money just to upset the other spouse. I have also seen many people walk away from a home just to ruin the other person credit.  They thought it was there way of getting even for the divorce.

How Does This Benefit  You?

By the time a divorced couples home is listed on the market, they desparately want to sell their home and end their divorce as quick as possible.  The longer they have to hold the home the longer they have to hold a tie to their spouse.  For you, this usually means being able to get a better deal on the home.  Many of times, these borrowers will lower the price of their home.  Other times, they will offer to pay your closing costs just to sell the home.  Furthermore, if there is a minor repair that needs to be done, they might fix the repair or just pay for your home warranty so they don’t have to fight over whose going to pay to fix the repair.

Need To Get Prequalified For A Mortgage Loan?

Call our office at 602-358-8717 and we would be happy to help assist.

We Make Lending Easy!  We will walk you through the loan process step by step.  Many people don’t know the difference between a closing cost and a prepaid item.  I bet as you are reading this you don’t know the difference either.  Do you?  That’s ok.  You need to understand this so we will explain this to you during the prequalification process.