Phoenix VA Home Mortgage:

Need a VA Home Mortgage?  Do you have little or no money down for your new home? Do you have any VA home mortgage benefits?  If you answer yes, then a Phoenix VA home mortgage loan would be the better loan product for you.  Did you know that Phoenix VA home mortgages do not require any money down?

No Mortgage Insurance:

Furthermore, a Phoenix VA home mortgage loan does not require mortgage insurance?  Yes, that’s correct.  This is a huge savings when you compare that to a Conventional or FHA loan which does require mortgage insurance.  You see since you served your country proudly in exchange Phoenix VA home mortgages do not require mortgage insurance on any VA loan product.  It doesn’t matter whether you select a 30 year fixed, a 15 year fixed, or an arm VA loan product.  You will never be required to carry mortgage insurance.

Non Allowable VA Charges:

If you are looking to purchase a new home, under the VA rules and regulations there are a few closing cost items that you are not required to pay per VA yet are still payable and due per the lender.  So what can a person do?  You will need to make sure that the seller is willing to pay at least 1% to 2% of your closing cost to cover your VA non allowable charges that you technically can’t pay for but are still due and payable to close on a Phoenix VA home mortgage.  You see you can’t pay the banks underwriting fee but they will still charge you this fee.  You also can’t pay the title companies escrow fee but you can bet that the title company will still charge you for this fee. You also can’t pay the title companies courier fee and a few other miscellaneous fees on the Phoenix VA home mortgage loan.

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