Best Reverse Mortgage Rates:

We offer the lowest reverse mortgage rates around without any junk fees such as processing fees, admin fees, or application fee.  You won’t find a lower rate in town whether it’s a reverse purchase or a reverse mortgage cash out refinance.

How We Work:

As a small mortgage broker company, we have the ability to shop around the country to find the lowest rates for our clients based on your loan product.  You see we don’t offer just one rate and one product like some of your big banks.  We work with borrowers who have excellent credit to those borrowers who have less than perfect credit.  To us, it doesn’t matter whether you have good or bad credit.  We can still help!

Qualifying For A Reverse Mortgage:

Unlike a traditional mortgage you don’t qualify for the loan.  The amount the lender will lend on a reverse mortgage all depends upon how much equity one has in their home and your age.  The older you are and the more equity you have in your home, the more money you can obtain on a cash out loan.

Reverse Mortgage Rates:

Since reverse mortgage rates change daily, we are unable to list our current rates.  To obtain a rate quote please call our office directly at 602-358-8717.  A license loan officer will be more than happy to assist.

We Come To You:

We make lending easy by coming to you if need be.  We realize that not everyone is able to get out and drive or even find a ride to our office.  No problem.  We can send you all of your loan documents to you or we can come out to your home.  Either way it’s up to you.  Whatever works for you works for us.

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