Arizona Refinance:

Need an Arizona refinance on your current mortgage?  Looking for the lowest home mortgage rate on your Arizona refinance?  Do you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit?  It really doesn’t matter to us.  We offer low rates everyday on all your Arizona refinance home mortgage products.  I will tell you though the higher your fico score, the better the Arizona refinance interest rate.

Do yourself a favor and clean up your credit report prior to even calling us.  Not really sure how to clean up your credit?  First, off pay your bills on time.  Second, if you have the money pay off your entire credit card balance. I know what you are thinking pay off the entire balance? YEP!  Think of it this way, if I want to borrower money from you and I told you I would only pay you back $1 per week for the rest of my life would you want to lend me money?  What if I told you I want to borrow $100 and that I would pay it off within 30 days?  Would you categorize me as a better risk then the first scenario?  Of course, you would.  That’s pretty much in a nut shell how the credit bureaus rate your credit.  Thirdly,  if you can’t pay off your entire credit card balance pay down as much as possible.  Fourthly, pay off your non-medical collection items.

Do you have a judgment or tax lien?

You definitely need to pay this off as you can’t close on any  Arizona refinance with a judgment or a tax lien.  If you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, tax lien, or judgment it takes time for your credit scores to slowly go back up.  They don’t just increase over night.  So what can you do?  All you can do is wait, pay your bills on time, and pay them off each month.  It’s pretty simple.  You don’t have to pay a credit repair thousands of dollars to tell you what to do.  The answer is simple.  If you pay your bills on time and pay the entire amount off each month you will have excellent credit.

Arizona refinance transactions typically take 30 days or less to close.  Sometimes if the lenders are really busy it may take 45 days to close your loan.  A lot of times borrowers delay their own closing when they do not provide the required documentation in a timely manner. I like to give my clients a list ahead of time of all the documents the bank requires so you can start to gather up the items.  This way when we start the process, you aren’t so overwhelmed with having to rush and send everything in all at one time.

For more information on an Arizona refinance and to see which loan products works best for you, please give our office a call directly at 602-358-8717.


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