Mortgage Lending At It’s Bests:

We say yes when others say no.  That is mortgage lending at it’s best.  Have a low fico score, collection accounts, late payments, or not enough down payment money?  Well we can help.  We offer loan products to borrowers with less than pefect credit.  We even have loan products for borrowers with open collection accounts.

Have a judgement or tax lien?

You will need to pay off all judgments and tax liens in order to qualify for a new home mortgage.  Lenders will not allow you to close on a new home mortgage with either a judgement or a tax lien.  You will also want to pay these items off early so that you give your credit enough time to rebuild.  This way your three different fico scores will slowly start increasing.  It will take several months for your fico scores to slowly start increasing back up.

Asset Verification Made Easy For Online Banking Clients?

Remember the days where you had to turn in your last two months bank statements along with all pages.  Well, depending upon your loan program, you might fit our new program where we can verify your assets online rather than printing off bank statements.  Here’s how the program works.  During the loan process, you will receive a link.  You will need to follow the link and it’s prompt.  The name of your lender will already be an option for you and show up at the top of the screen.  You just need to log into your account.  Then, you take a screen shot of your available balance in all your accounts.  This information is sent directly to the lender.  You then log out of your acocunt.  A few hours later an underwriting at the bank will review your assets for loan approval.  It’s that easy.


In today’s competitive envirnment here’s a little short video on why one would want to obtain a new home mortgage loan through a mortgage broker rather than a large bank.  Not only our rates better because we have lower overhead but we are able to offer more loan programs.  That we make mortgage lending easy.

Article 1:  Mortgage Lending Made Easy