USDA Rural Housing loan is a loan that is backed by the U.S. Department of Agricultural. This USDA Rural Housing loan program is a true no money down loan.

USDA Rural Housing Loan Qualifications:

  • This loan program requires a middle fico score of 620 or higher to qualify.
  • Their are income restrictions on this program which are based on the number of members in your family.
  • You must be purchasing a primary residence only.
  • The home must be located in a rural area which is an authorized area by the USDA Rural Housing department.
  • No monthly mortgage insurance is required.
  • The seller can contribute to your closing costs.

Not buying a home in a rural area?  Do you have VA benefits?  Then a VA home mortgage loan is the perfect solution for you.  This loan program also offers a true no money down loan program.  See our VA home page at for more information on this loan program.

Don’t have VA benefits?  Don’t have a lot of money to put down on your new home?  Then you might want to consider an FHA loan.  An FHA home mortgage loan allows an immediate family member to gift you your down payment money during the loan process.  For more information on an FHA loan see our home page at