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As an Arizona mortgage broker, Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. prides ourselves on finding the best mortgage loans to match each and every client’s highly individualized needs. Although our home office is in Phoenix, we are licensed to provide mortgages throughout the Great State of Arizona. Regardless of your mortgage needs, be it purchase or refinance, Conventional, VA, Jumbo, FHA or Reverse Mortgage, you won’t find a more ethical mortgage company anywhere in Arizona.

If our clients are not satisfied, than we are not satisfied.


We at Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. are a full service Arizona mortgage broker since 1998.  That’s a long time in today’s every changing mortgage environment. 




An Arizona mortgage broker shops around the country from the East coast to the West coast to find you the lowest home mortgage interest rate based on your unique situation.




Contact us to submit any Arizona mortgage loan questions, or for that matter, questions that are not related to Arizona mortgages. We will  do our best to try and answer!





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Our company has survived the toughest of times in the mortgage business due to believing in this fundamental principal of doing business:

We treat our clients with respect, and treat each and every client as we ourselves expect to be treated.

This means you will deal with professional Arizona mortgage loan officers who are seasoned mortgage professionals rather than a customer service agents who can only respond to your mortgage questions by reading answers from a computer monitor.

Secondly, loan officer  invests in every client’s loan, as each and every loan we provide affects each and every person at this company.

Thirdly, in order to compete against the bigger banks, we need to offer our loan clients a better rate, better service, and all all-around better lending experience than our competition.

Fourthly, our licensed Arizona mortgage brokers give you the personal attention you deserve and treat you with respect.

interest_rate_icon Our website is currently undergoing some improvements and if you are reading this, that means we are still renovating the section of the website that contains our famously low Arizona mortgage rates. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

However, if you need a mortgage rate quote now, please click on apply now.  APPLY HERE

The appropriate loan professional will respond with an accurate rate quote based on your specific mortgage needs on the same business day.

Although mortgage rates occasionally change in the middle of the day, it is very rare. The great majority of the time, mortgage rates post in the morning and stay that way until the close of the banking day.

This is important to the Arizona rates shopper because: Mortgage rate locks need to be turned in before 5:00PM, Arizona time at this and most other Arizona mortgage companies.

If you are interested in getting a rate quote and possibly locking a mortgage rate, it is always best to start your banking business in the morning, no matter where you live, but especially for those of us who live out West.

mortgage-rates-table-300x200 Refinance your Arizona home loan with an Arizona mortgage broker and save money now.
The professionals at Arizona Wholesale Mortgage understand that refinancing your mortgage can be a headache, which is why we’ve streamlined the lending process as much as possible.

Need to refinance a Conventional Fannie Mae loan?

First off, Fannie Mae has been tightening refinance guidelines and qualification requirements across the board since 2010. This is an unusual situation, because Conventional mortgages have traditionally been the easiest type of loan to refinance.

We know what it takes to get a Conventional loan approved in Arizona and if anyone can help you, we can.  APPLY HERE

Please use our Arizona Refinance Application to supply us with some information, and a loan officer will be in touch to discuss conventional loan refinance rates and costs.

If you need an FHA streamline refinance or a VA streamline refinance, your approval is almost guaranteed. As long as you have been making your current mortgage payments on time.

The reason it is called a “streamline” refinance is because we do not need a lot of documentation from our client.

Miniature House on Top of Cash - Home Equity Concept

Miniature House on Top of Cash – Home Equity Concept

An Arizona Jumbo mortgage (a.k.a. Jumbo home loan) is a mortgage with a principal amount that exceeds $484,350. There are a couple of states with exceptions to the Jumbo loan limits (AK and HI), but Arizona Jumbo loans start at $484,351.

Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. provides Jumbo mortgage loans to our clients since 1998.

Our Jumbo loan center is located in Phoenix, AZ, but we have lending offices and loan officers working all over the state.

Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc will always beat our competition’s lowest rate with any Jumbo loan, no matter the size. Call your bank for a mortgage rate quote and then call us to compare.

As an Arizona Mortgage broker, we want to earn your Jumbo loan business  and provide you the best rate and closing costs.  Furthermore, one will find out customer service skills are outstanding. Check out our informational page for Jumbo mortgage loans here.

home_improvement_plansDebt Consolidation Loans, Home Improvement, Home Equity Loans
We’ll help you find the Home Equity loan that’s right for you- be it a “pool loan”, debt consolidation, or just to take a much-home improvement plans, necessary for home improvement loandeserved vacation.

In Arizona, because swimming pools are so common, Home Equity loans are often marketed as “pool loans.”

It is a big mistake to take pool loan financing from a your pool company. This is the equivalent of getting auto financing from the used car dealership, instead of finding the lowest rate.

Oftentimes, pool loans– which is just a another way of saying “Home Equity loan”– will be 10 points higher than ours. In other words, if the pool company offers you a loan at 15%, we will likely be around 5%.

Our Home Equity Line of Credit loans (a.k.a. HELOC loans) are the most competitive in Arizona. We offer an interest-only home equity line of credit or a fixed rate “second mortgage.” We will help you choose the most appropriate home equity loan, based on how long you intend to keep the loan and what your particular intentions are. Most importantly, we will explain exactly why we recommend a particular mortgage product.

We want our mortgage clients to be well-informed and comfortable in their decision to deal with us.

Note: Although our headquarters are located in Phoenix – we have mortgage brokers working all over the State of Arizona.

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Mortgage Articles

“I called Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. for a quote …even though I was using another broker at the time. I was amazed to find that I could save over $2,000 in closing costs when comparing Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc.’s cost with other mortgage company I was using at that time. The loan officer even gave me advice on how to shop for the lowest rate on my home owner’s insurance policy. Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. truly cares about their clients.”
Judy B in Chandler, Arizona
“I called Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. for an FHA purchase. At the time, my credit was less than perfect. I had been turned down by the large banks and buying a home seemed impossible. As soon as my loan officer at Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. picked up the phone, she said they could help. I ended up with a much lower home mortgage interest rate than what I expected and I even closed 2 days early. I would highly recommend them.”
Ramon in Phoenix, Arizona
“I called Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. for a rate quote on a refinance. I was shocked to find out that the home mortgage interest rate they quoted me also was able to cover all of my closing costs considering my own bank couldn’t cover any of my closing costs. There were no hidden surprises with Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. I was extremely pleased with their service. My loan officer called me back immediately every time I called and even took my call in the evenings and on the weekends. My own bank wouldn’t even call me back after 5:00pm. I would definitely recommend Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc.”
Ron in Phoenix
“I found a manufactured home that I really wanted to buy but then could not find a manufactured lender. My real estate agent recommended I call Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. to see if they could help. I called them and was able to obtain an FHA loan with only 3.5% down. I was amazed. Everyone else told me I needed 20% down on a manufactured home. My loan closed in a timely manner and my loan officer was great. He kept me well informed on the whole process and I was able to obtain the interest rate that was originally quoted to me. I would definitely recommend Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc.
Karen in Flagstaff, Arizona