Arizona Loan

We offer all types of loan products which include Conventional loans, Jumbo loans, FHA loans, VA loans, Investment unlimited property loans to USDA loans, Reverse Mortgages, Harp loans,  Hard money loans, Commercial loans, etc.  You name it; we do it.

We are a full service small mortgage broker company doing business since 1998.  We’ve been through the good time and the bad times.  All of our loan officers are license loan officers who have passed both the federal and state licensing exams.

What are rates like on an Arizona loan?

Home mortgage interest rates vary depending upon the loan product type, your middle fico score, and your loan amount.  The higher your fico score the better the interest rate.  Also on a Conventional loan pricing is better when your loan amount exceeds $250,000.  Where as if your loan amount is less than $125,000 then pricing also tends to be higher as well.  Why?  No one really knows.  That’s just always how the investors price the loans.

Interest rates on Jumbo loans tend to be higher than Conventional loans.  If you are looking for a loan amount that is only a few thousand dollars more than the Conventional loan limit, you might want to think about putting more money down.  Thus, you will be able to obtain a much lower interest rate. FHA rates tend to be a little bit lower than your Conventional loan rates.  Why?  Not really sure.  FHA rates have been lower for the last several years when the government started to push the investors to help home owners get into a new home.  Since then FHA rates remain lower.

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