Arizona Mortgage Loan

Arizona mortgage loan information found here.  Are you a first time home buyer or maybe even a recurring home buyer?  Need to close a new home within 30 days?  We can help. We offer low mortgage rates everyday with low closing costs.  No junk fees.  Fast closes.  Electronic processes.

How Do We Offer Low Rates:

The answer is simple.  As a mortgage broker we have the ability to shop for the lowest Arizona mortgage loan rates from the East coast to the West coast.  You see.  We are not a bank.  That means we do not offer just one rate nor one loan product.  As a broker we work with  numerous wholesale lenders throughout the United States of America.  Good credit, bad credit, doesn’t matter to us; we can always find out a home mortgage option and a solution.  However, be aware that lower fico score borrowers will pay a higher mortgage rate compared to a high fico score borrower.

Electronic Documents:

Most of our loan programs offer electronic documents.  This allows borrowers to electronically, and conveniently sign documents from their phones no matter where you are.  The days of having to drive to a mortgage company to sign documents are gone forever.  In today’s world, everything is emailed and signed electronically if at all possible.  Borrowers loan documentation can either be scanned & emailed to us or uploaded to our secured website.  You can choose which option suits your needs the best.

How Many Days Does It Take To Close A Loan:

From the time we start a loan until we finish it takes on average 30 days to close a loan.  In order to close on time we need to obtain all of your information in a timely manner.  Do not wait a week to send us your loan documentation as this will delay your own closing.  What happens if you miss your closing date?  Borrowers will have to pay for a lock extension which can be costly.  This is why we always recommend obtaining all loan documentation upfront when we write the prequal letter.  A lot of borrowers want us to just write a prequal and the boxes checked n/a that we did not obtain or verify income, assets, etc.  This is not a good idea.  It’s better to wait and provide the loan officer with all the loan documentation then have the prequal done.  This way when your purchase contract is accepted you don’t have to rush around trying to gather all necessary loan documentation.

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