Low Arizona VA Home Mortgage Rates:

We offer low Arizona VA Home Mortgage Rates everyday. Arizona VA home mortgage rates are extremely low at the moment. While the conventional loan product rates have stayed steady the last few weeks, the Arizona VA home mortgage rates have not.

VA benefits:

People who are on VA disability,  do not have to pay the upfront funding fee? Furthermore, mortgage insurance is not a requirement on any VA loan.

VA Streamline Refinances:

First off, an appraisal is not necessary on a VA streamline refinance. Yep! That’s true.
You do need a middle fico score of 620 or higher to refinance under the VA streamline refinance mortgage. Late mortgage payments within the last twelve months on any student loans are not permitted.

Arizona VA Home Mortgage Turn Times:

Currently, turn times on a VA home mortgage are 30 days for closing. It all depends upon how quickly borrowers give us the necessary loan documentation. When you supply us with all the documentation upfront, then obviously we can close much quicker.

Facts On Paying Off A Heloc With A VA Loan:

For borrowers with a VA home mortgage loan on the first mortgage and a heloc, you can payoff the heloc with a new loan and the new loan product is still considered a rate and term refinance rather than a cash out loan?  On a conventional loan, this exact same scenario would be considered a cash out loan which would result in a higher home mortgage rate for the consumer. However, on an Arizona VA home mortgage, this is not the case. It is still considered a rate and term refinance which gives the borrower a lower home mortgage rate.



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