Mortgage Arm Rate Information:

Mortgage arm rate information can be found in our short little video. In the video, we explain how an arm product can save you money each month on your monthly mortgage payment.  Most people think they should go with a 30 year fixed mortgage.  However, that is not always the best way to go.  Especially,  if you don’t plan on being in your home for 30 years.  If you plan on living in your home less than 30 years,  you need to consider an arm product.  An arm product offers your a lower rate for a fixed period of time.  Why pay a higher interest rate?

Arm Adjustment Periods:

Understanding an arm product can be difficult so we thought we would break it down.  For example let’s assume the product says 5/1 arm.  What does that mean?  The 5 represents how long the interest rate will remain the same.  Then, on the first month after the 5 year period, your interest rate will adjust.  The 1 represents when the interest rate will adjust again.  In this case, it will adjust every year.  The attached video explains in detail how to interpret the arm product and how the adjustment works.


Watch our video. Then pick up the phone today and call.  A licensed loan officer will be more than happy to help assist  you in your next purchase or refinance transaction.


30 Year Fixed Mortgage Product:

If you are not interested in an arm product or can not qualify for one, we still offer the 30 year fixed product.  We also offer the 25 year and 20 year fixed product.  One of our lenders even offers the following fixed products:  18 year, 19 year, 20 year, 21 year, 22 year, 23 year, and 24 year product.  As you can see there are several different product lines.


Don’t See Your Product Listed?  Pick up the phone can call us.  Chances are we still offer it.  It’s just not included in this article.