Best Conforming Mortgage Rates

We offer the best conforming mortgage rates everyday.  We are  small mortgage broker that offers low home mortgage rates everyday.  We don’t have any junk fees like processing, origination, discount points, etc.  We offer all home mortgage loan products such as Conforming, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Housing, Reverse Mortgages, 203 K’s, and Harp refinances.  Turn times vary depending upon your loan product but typically it takes 30 days to close a home mortgage loan.  Sometimes it takes a little longer if we are in the middle of a refinance boom or a purchase boom.

Need A Jumbo Loan:

Can you put 20% on a Jumbo purchase?  Do you have 800 fico scores and lots of assets in the bank?  If you can answer to those three questions, you might be able to get a property inspection waiver.  That means if Fannie Mae’s DO system returns a PIW waiver, you would not need to order nor pay for an appraisal.  The trick is you need to put 20% down, have 800 fico scores, and still have a large amount of funds in the bank after you pay your down payment and closing cost.

New To The Whole Home Buying Process:

Are you new to the whole home buying process? Don’t know where to start or who to turn to for help?  Well look no further.  We’ve been in business since 1998.  We can walk you through the entire home buying process step by step.

Are you self-employed?  Can you provide business bank statements to show your income?  Do you have a middle fico score of 680 or higher?  If you answered yes then we have a loan product for you.

Furthermore, do you own more than 6 rental properties? Would you like to obtain cash but have been turned down due to Fannie Mae’s loan guidelines?  We have a new investment property loan that is designed for the true investor.  To qualify you need to show you have a two year history being a landlord.  You need to be able to provide a copy of your original deposit and current lease agreement.  This investor does not care how many rental properties you own.  The maximum loan to value ratio is 65%.  However, that is still better than hard money lenders.  What’s the downfall to this loan product?  Well, it takes about 6 weeks to close on a loan and you can’t lock your loan in until you have a final clear to close.  Interest rates on this loan product aren’t much higher than your typically investment product loans.

Article 1:  Best Conforming Mortgage Rates