We Offer Best Jumbo Loan Rates

We offer best Jumbo loan rates on all Jumbo loan products in the state of Arizona and coming soon California.  Arizona jumbo loans are our specialty.

Down Payment Requirements

Do you want to buy an expensive home but don’t want to put 25%-30% down?  We have a lender who can lend up to 90% loan to value.  You debt to income ratio can not exceed 41%.

Reserve Requirements

You will need 12 months worth of reserve requirements in addition to your down payment and closing cost funds.  Of the 12 months worth of reserve requirements, 3 months need to be in a liquid account.  A liquid account means a checking, savings, or money market account.  The  remaining 9 months worth of reserves can be in stocks, bonds, annuities, or  retirement money.  If counting retirement money they count 60% of your balance.  What about escrow?  Can I waive escrows?  Yes but it will cost you an additional .25 in rate.

Closing Costs

Can you pay my closing cost for me by raising the interest rate? Unfortunately no. This lender does not offer that product.

How many appraisals will be ordered?  This particular investor only requires one appraisal.

Will I need to show bank statements? Yes.  You will need to provide copies of your last two months bank statements.

What if I don’t want to provide you with copies of my bank statements?  Then, unfortunately you will not be able to obtain the loan.

How long does  it take to close a loan?  Normally 30-35 days if you have all necessary loan documentation upfront.  For everyday that you delay in gettting us your W-2’s, bank statements, tax information, etc. this delays your closing.  Many people don’t realize that the banks will not look at your loan package until they receive all loan documentation? Why?  Well because you are wasting their  time.  Everytime they look at the file they need to underwrite the entire file not just the missing items.  If you are looking for a home, get your documentation ready ahead of time to speed up the process.  Even better make sure you consult with a licensed loan officer before you look for a home so that you have a accurate list of all required loan documetation items.

What are the best jumbo loan rates?  Since jumbo loan rates change daily, it’s best to call in for an interest rate quote.

In looking for the best jumbo loan rates,  consider Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. Experience does matter!   We’ve been in business since 1998. We are now serving the state of Arizona and coming soon California.

For more information go to our home page at https://azwm.com/arizona-jumbo-loan ‎ and click on contact us. A licensed loan officer will be more than happy to return your call and answer your home mortgage loan questions.