Arizona FHA Loan Or Conventional Loan

FHA loan or conventional loan is the biggest question clients ask.  Alot of clients want to know should I obtain an fha loan or a conventional loan? Well, that depends upon your down payment funds, your fico scores, debt to income, and your reserve requirements. Typically, we are seeing that it is advantageous to obtain an fha loan if your middle fico scores are less than 720. If your middle fico score is over 720, then you are normally better off obtaining a conventional loan.

Debt To Income Requirements:

Federal Housing Administrator loans  allows for a higher debt to income ratio and lower fico score requirements. Some borrowers have been able to obtain an fha loan with a debt to income ratio as high as 50%. Conventional loans on the other hand typically max out at 43% debt to income ratio and  require higher fico scores because the borrower has to qualify for mortgage insurance with the mortgage insurance company.

It’s true that the monthly mortgage insurance amount on an fha loan is higher than a conventional loan. However, the interest rate on an fha loan is lower than on a conventional loan. That’s why on every single loan we have to figure out which loan product is more advantageous for you.

Down Payment Requirements:

3.5% down payment is the requirement on all FHA loans. Industry standard normally requires  a middle fico score of 580 or higher to qualify.  Down payment percentages on conventional loans range anywhere from 3% or more if you meet the middle fico score requirement.

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