Inspirational Quotes:

Buying a new home can be one of the most stressful times in your life.  I found an article with 17 inspirational quotes that will help movitate you and keep you on track for saving up your down payment on your next new home.


I hope you found this article helpful.

Growing up my dad had a lot of inspirational quotes to help us save up for your down payment.  Some his famous sayings were as follows:

” A fool and his money is soon departed.”   “Don’t try and keep up with the Jones.”  “Do you really need that item?  If you loose your job can you eat that item or does it provide any value to you?


Down Payment Saving Tips:

Many people ask how can I possibly save up for a down payment when I live paycheck to paycheck? Well here’s a few helpful hints that actually worked for me several years ago.  Bring your lunch to work rather than eating out.  Make your coffee at home rather than going to Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Mc Donalds, and some other place.  Clip coupons when shopping for groceries or at least go online and click the online store ad coupons so that you can obtain a discount.  Preplan your shopping ahead of time so you aren’t an impulse buyer.  When buying a car do your research online ahead of time.  Compare offers at several different dealerships.  Don’t just buy the first vehicle you see.  For car insurance home owners insurance policies call around every couple of years to check and make sure your rate is still competitive.  When I was going to graduate school many years ago, they taught us that buying insurance is alot like buying a gallon of milk at the store.  They discount the items to get you in and then slowly raise your premiums once you are a customer.

Secondly here’s another down payment idea.  Rather than going to the movie rent the move through Red box.  If you really have to go to the movies why not try a matine which is alot cheaper.  Even better go Saturday morning before noon where the price is discounted even more.  Some cities have discounted movie theaters where the movie has been out for a few months so in exchange the price of the tickets is only $2-$4.  Did you know that the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, and a few other places have a lot of great bargains and everything in the store is only $1?  Yep!  It’s a great place to buy napkins, birthday cards, birthday balloons, wrapping paper, gift boxes, batteries, some cleaning supplies, school supplies such as poster boards, markers, etc.

Lastly, there are numerous other ideas on how to save up for your down payment.

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