ITIN loan programs are back.  Do you currently have a Banco Popular loan that you took out in 2008-2010?  Well if you answered yes, you might want to think about refiancing that loan.  Our new lender has smoking rates compared to the old Banco Popular company.  We are seeing starting interest rates as low as 2 points lower than Banco Popular rates.

Itin loan programs were available up until 2010 then pretty much disappeared.  However, as of last week, that market just opened back up.

Purchase Loans:

Our purchase loans require 20% down.  The debt to income ratio starts at 43% but can go higher if you have compensating factors. What are compensating factors?  This can be longevity on the job site.  Having a previous mortgage and never having a late payment.  We offer both fixed and adjusted rate products.  ITIN loans are offered on both primary residence and non owner occupied properties rather known as investment properties.

Refinance Loans:

We will refinance loans with a loan to value ratio up to 80%.  That means you need at least 20% equity in your home.  We will refinance primary residence and non owner occupied properties.


How Long Does It Take To Close:

It typically takes 45 days from start to finish.  However, we can close sooner if you provide us with all the necessary documentation upfront.  Don’t worry.  We will give you a list of items that we require upfront. The quicker you can get us those items, the sooner we can close.

For more information on our loan products or to get prequalified for your new home, please call our office at 602-358–8717.

Experience does matter!  We’ve been in business since 1998.

You don’t speak spanish?  No problem.  We have spanish speaking loan officer.


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