Jumbo loan refinances are our specialty.  If you have come to this page, you were definitely googling google looking for the lowest rate.  We offer low rates on a Jumbo loan refinance. We offer several different loan products such as the 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 5 year arm, 3 year arm, interest only programs & a few other products. The interest only programs appear to come and go with each lender. That means one month the lender is offering the product and the next month, they have discontinued the program. If you are interested in an interest only product on a Jumbo loan refinance, please call our office to make sure the product is still available. If it’s not available, we can always call the lender to find out when the product will be offered again.

Jumbo Loan Fees & Rates:

What fees can one expect on a Jumbo loan?  On all loan products we have the option of pricing out your loan to include or exclude the lenders underwriting fee.  When you include the lenders underwriting into the rate obviously the rate is always higher.  When you exclude the fee and have you the client pay the underwriting fee separately at closing the interest rate is always cheaper.  In addition, the the underwriting fee, there is also a credit report fee, appraisal fee, and title fees.  Furthermore, then you also have prepaid item expenses.  Prepaid items are items the lender collects in advance to pay your future bills such as your real estate tax bill and your home owners insurance.  On all loans there is a per diem interest rate charge.  You are charged a fee for the loan starting the day after your loan funds through the first day of the new month. This fee is usually minimal.

Why Choose Us As  Your Lender?

We make lending easy by trying to simplify the process as easy as possible.  Many of our documents are electronic.  That means you just simply log in online read the document, & then click the button and the system will electronically sign & date the forms for you.  There is no need for you to print off, sign, & email the documents back to us.  As a mortgage broker, we shop around the country for the lowest rate.  We aren’t a large bank that only offers one product & one rate.  If your credit score is too low, we can offer suggestions on how to fix your credit & maybe even find a lender that does the loan product you want in exchange for a higher interest rate.  We are available seven days a week.  We realize that most people work during the day.  As a result, we normally schedule our appointments with you when it’s more convenient for you such as after work or on the weekends.

Qualifying For A Jumbo Loan:

To qualify for a Jumbo loan refinance one does need to be continuously employed for the last two years. Your income needs to be consistent or increasing. Declining income is a problem if you are self-employed borrower. If you are W-2 borrower and have had declining income, it’s not as big an issue. The lender will qualify you for a Jumbo loan refinance with your current income. On a Jumbo loan refinance typically one needs a 680 or higher middle fico score.

When considering your next loan, consider Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. Experience does matter! We’ve been in business since 1998. We are now serving the state of Arizona.

For more information go to our home page at https://azwm.com/arizona-jumbo-loan/ and click on contact us. A loan officer will be more than happy to call you back.

Prefer to fill out an online application versus a paper form?  No problem.  We can send you a link to fill out the loan application online.  To start the process call our office at 602-358-8717 and tell us you would like us to email you the link to fill out the online application.  It’s as easy as that.  If you aren’t comfortable filling out an online application, no problem.  We can email you the forms to be filled out, scanned, & sent back to our office.