Need A Loan?

Need a new home loan?  Then, you’ve come to the right place.  If you are a first time home buyer and have lower credit an FHA product would be the perfect option for you.  If you can come up with a down payment in the amount of  3%-5% and have higher fico scores then a Conventional mortgage would be a better option for you as long as your loan amount is less than $424,100.  If not, you would need to apply for a Jumbo mortgage.

Need  down payment money?

Do you have any VA benefits, then a VA mortgage would be the perfect option for you. A VA mortgage does not require mortgage insurance which is a huge benefit.  VA mortgage rates are still relatively low compared to a Conventional mortgage.

Want to buy a home in a rural area? 

Then, a USDA mortgage would be the perfect option for you. One does need a middle fico score of 620 or higher to qualify.  The property does need to be in a USDA Rural Housing designated area.

Could you use cash out on a Jumbo property? 

No problem . We can help.  Jumbo mortgage amounts are any loan amount over $424,100.

Cash out mortgages typically take 30-35 days to close.  The closing time frame all depends upon how quickly you can supply the necessary loan documentation.  Mortgage rates have remained low for quite some time so it’s still a good time to think about a cash out loan.  Many people obtain a cash out for landscaping, home improvements, or a new pool.  The interest rate is definitely much cheaper than let’s say a pool loan.  It’s also a lot cheaper than charging it to several credit card which can carry interest rates ranging from 1%-21%.  If you know of anyone who has charged a pool loan to their credit card, you might want to let them know it’s cheaper to obtain a cash out mortgage and pay off that credit card then to continue paying a high interest rate.

Obtain cash out on an investment properties:

Been turned down by the big banks because you own too many properties or maybe your debt to income ratio was too high?  Well we have a mortgage program that doesn’t care how many properties you own.  They don’t care about your debt to income ratio rather they go off the cash flow of the property.

Whatever your needs maybe we can help.  Go to our home page and search for different loan programs or better yet call today and speak to one of our licensed loan officers at 602-358-8717.

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