Pennsylvannia Mortgage Broker Offers Low Cost Mortgages:

Coming soon!  A Pennsylvannia mortgage broker who offers low cost everyday on all loan products.  We offer Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, and Reverse mortgages.  We also offer non-qm loan  products.  What is a non-qm loan product?  These are investor loans, stated-stated loans, and self-employed borrower loans.

Why Go With a Mortgage Broker?

There are several advantages why one should obtain a home mortgage loan through a mortgage broker.  Typically, your overall closing costs are cheaper.  Why?  Because we don’t have the expensive overhead that the large banks have.  Since most of the mortgage process is now electronic, most of our employees work out of their homes.  Thus, saving on office rent which thus translates into lower overall closing costs for you.  It’s a win win situation for everyone.  We also have the ability to shop around to find you the lowest interest rate possible.  There is no one shop interest rate for us.  If there is a lender or a warehouse line offering a lower rate, we will find it and offer it to you.  Our loan officers are available seven days a week at your convenience.  They also provide their own personal cellphone numbers.  This makes getting a hold of someone very easy.  If you obtain a loan through your local bank you are unable to get a hold of your loan officer when the bank is not open.

Faster Turn Times:

We offer fast turn times of 30 days or less.  Some of our loan products have closed in 24 days.  The exact timeframe for closing a loan all depends upon how quickly you the client can get us your loan documentation.  You see, in order to submit your loan file to an underwriter we need all of your loan documentation upfront.

New To The Home Home Process?

Do not worry.  We will walk you through the entire home buying process from start to finish and go over your loan options with you.

Credit Not So Great?

Our FHA and VA loan product caters to borrowers whose credit is less than perfect.  We can also offer you suggestions on how to clean up your credit.  First off, pay your credit cards on time and pay off the entire balance each month.   This will help you raise your fico scores.  Think of it this way.  If I want to borrower money from you and said I have no intention of paying the money back to you.  How would you rate my credit?  Yep!  Pretty bad I’m sure.  If I said, I would pay you back a little each month, how would you rate my score?  Probably so so right?  However, if I said I would pay off the entire balance in 30 days or less, how would you rate my fico score?  You see that’s how the credit reporting companies view you as well.

For more information call our office directly at 602-358-8717.