Phoenix Mortgage Broker

We are a Phoenix mortgage broker doing business since 1998 who offers low wholesale home mortgage rates on all loans products.   As a Phoenix mortgage broker we have the ability to shop for the lowest rate everyday from the East coast to the West coast.

We offer Jumbo loans with no mortgage insurance with as little as 5% down for borrowers with high fico scores.  Have some fico score issues?  Then, we offer 10% down Jumbo loan programs.  The lower the fico score the more you have to put down on a Jumbo loan.

Looking for no money down loan programs?  Check out our VA no money down loan and the USDA Rural Housing Loan program.  To qualify for the VA home mortgage you must be a US Veteran.  To qualify for the USDA Rural Housing Loan you must buy a home out in a rural area.  What is defined as a rural area.  You must go to the USDA Rural Housing website to obtain an exact listing of homes.

FHA and Conventional loans allow borrowers with no down payment money to have their down payment money gifted to them during the loan process by an immediate family member.  What’s the difference between an FHA and a Conventional loan.  FHA loans have maximum loan limits that are set by your county codes.  Conventional loans have a maximum loan amount of $424,100.  It is much easier to obtain an FHA loan compared to a Conventional loan as of the date that this article was written.


Need a refinance?  We offer FHA streamlines and USDA Rural Housing streamline loans without an appraisal and VA IRRLS without an appraisal.  All of these loan programs involved very little loan documentation.  Conventional loan refinances require full loan document as well as Jumbo loans.

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