VA Interest Rates:


Low VA interest rates!  Are you looking for no points, no origination fees, and low VA interest rates?  Well, you come to the right place.  We are a mortgage broker not a banker that doesn’t just offer or sell just one product.  We have the ability to shop for the lowest VA interest rates that are available from the East coast to the West coast on any given day.

Secondly, on VA loans, we can do a purchase or a refinance for fico scores as low as 600.  Yep!  That’s correct.  Va loans do not require any money down.  VA loans also do not require mortgage insurance.  This is a huge cost savings.  This is primary the single biggest advantage of a VA loan.  As a VET you served our country proudly now the government allows you to buy a new home with NO MONEY DOWN and NO MONTHLY MORTGAGE INSURANCE.  It truly is a great deal.

Thirdly, to qualify though, you do need to be continuously employed for the last years or have been serving a branch of the US Military.  You can not be late or in default on any student loans.  You can not have any credit card late payments at all within the last twelve months.  If you have any credit card late payments, then you will need to wait to reapply after you have a full twelve month clean history of paying your bills on time.

VA Interest Rates:

Currently VA interest rates are much lower than a traditional conforming conventional loan.  Even better, you will not have to pay monthly mortgage insurance.  Thus, saving you money.

VA Purchases:

With a VA purchase you will be required to order and pay for a pest inspection report even if you don’t want one.  Unfortunately, that’s just part of the loan process.

For more information on our VA loan programs, please give us a call directly at 602-358-8717.