Having an excellent credit score means having your pick of the very best financial products and services. The range of credit cards available to those with excellent credit tend to have the lowest interest rates, lucrative introductory offers, high rewards, and top-of-the-line luxury perks. So, what constitutes excellent credit? By FICO standards, it takes a score of 740 to 850, while Vantage Score considers 781 to 850 to be excellent.

Once you’ve chosen a card that best aligns with your spending habits, it’s important to maintain your excellent credit. Aside from paying your bills on time and carrying a minimal balance, that also includes strategic measures such as consolidating smaller debts and making sure your overall debt doesn’t exceed 20% of your annual income. Below you’ll find additional steps you can take to ensure your credit score remains excellent.


Can’t Afford to Pay Your Credit Cards Anymore

If you can no longer afford to pay your credit cards but you have equity in your home, then a cash out refinance is an option. The interest rate on a home mortgage loan is much cheaper than a credit card interest rate. It typically takes 30 days from the time you give us your loan documentation until we can fund/ and recorded on your new loan. It could be sooner depending upon the lender turn times to approve your loan.

How To Start the Loan Process

Pick up the phone and give Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc a call at 602-358-8717 to discuss your loan options. A licensed loan officer will be more than happy to help assist with your next cash out refinance.

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