Mobile Notary Anyone



If anyone is ever looking for a mobile notary in the Phoenix metro area, we have a good referral source for you.  Her name is Jineane.  She works almost all areas of town.

She does a lot of mortgage signings for our company Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc. Maybe you just need a bank document notarized?  Maybe you just need a legal document notarized and don’t want to schedule an appointment at a bank.  In today’s world, it’s hard to even schedule a mobile notary appointment at a bank.  It can take weeks. No worries.

Give her a call or a text at 602-618-1986.  Tell her you saw an article about her on the Arizona Wholesale Mortgage Inc’s website. Don’t want to call her directly, no problem.

Give our office a call and we are more than willing to call her for you.

Article 1:  Mobile Notary Anyone