Information On Low Income College Guide

Low income college guide information link can be found here.  I received an email from this company asking me if I could link there website to mine.  After reviewing there services, I think this might be helpful to many of you.  You see it offers free tips and advice on how to obtain scholarships, grant money, fill out financial aid forms, and many other valuable tips.

Ask For Help:

If you are someone who really wants to go to college know that everything and anything is possible in life.  Don’t give up.  Read the attached article and reach out to someone for help.  Be honest with them.  If you have no parental help or support tell them upfront.  Let them know you have never applied for college money, grants, scholarships, or filled out any financial aid forms before.  Ask for help upfront so that your forms get filled out correctly.  If you know of an adult who has went to college, reach out to them.  Chances are they were once in your shoes many years ago and would be happy to help assist you.  Most people are more than willing to help if you ask.

ACT, SAT, & the PSAT Tests:

Secondly,  If you are still in high school make sure to take the appropriate college scholarship test such as the ACT, SAT, PSAT test which will determine whether or not you will even qualify for certain scholarships or free money.  Don’t just give up before you start.  Always aim high and dream.


Thirdly, read through all the different scholarship qualifications. I know it can be overwhelming.  However, there are all different types of scholarships out there you just need to keep looking.  Once saw a scholarship that only pertained to tall girls that were six feet tall or taller.  Think about it.  Do you know how many high school girls are six feet tall or taller?  There can’t be that in many in this country so your chances of obtaining that scholarship are pretty high.

Career Fields:

There are some career fields though were it really doesn’t matter whether  you have a degree or not since the pay range really isn’t going to be that different.  If that’s the case, be mindful & don’t spend too much money on schooling.  Obtain general class work that can be easily transferred into other career opportunities.  For example, if you take some accounting classes even without a degree you can still obtain a book keeping job.

Here’s the link to the website.  Good luck!


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