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We offer low mortgage rates Arizona on all loan product every single day.  We are a mortgage broker so we pass on our cost savings to you the customer.  We offer low mortgage rates on FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo, Non-QM loans, USDA Rural Housing, and Reverse Mortgages.

What We Offer:

We offer electronic documents on most of our loan products but not all of them.  Many of our loan products do not require you to turn in bank statements if you elect to allow the lender access to your online banking user id and password to verify your bank account balance.  How does that work?  You provide the lender with your online user id and password.  Then, they take a screen shot capture of your bank statement.  After they verify your bank information, they send you an email letting you know this process is now complete.  Then, you log back into your online banking account and change your password.

Secondly, if your employment does verifications through the work number you can provide the lender with the work number verification codes and they can electronically verify your paystubs.  If this is possible, there is no need to turn in paystubs for the last 30 days.  The great thing about these new electronic methods is we can verify both your income and assets in less than 10 minutes.  Thus, the closing process is quicker.

How Do I Start The Process?

To start the process, call our office.  We like one on one communciation.  We will walk you through the loan process and explain everything to you if you are new home buyer.  Not a new home buyer?  Chances are there have been a lot of industry changes since you bought your last home.  Therefore, we will still explain the process and any changes that have taken place since you last purchased your home.  We want you to feel comfortable with the loan process and know what to expect.

Furthermore, there are no hidden surprises with us.  We explain the difference between closing costs and prepaid items.  Many people do not know the difference.  We clarify what fees you have to pay and what fees the seller will pay.  When we are done with the prequalificaiton process, your loan officer gives you a loan status report.  You then give this report to your real estate agent.  Then, they will take you out and show you a new home.

Prefer To Talk To A Live Person:

No problem!  Call our office directly at 602-358-8717.


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