Scottsdale Mortgage Company:

Want a low mortgage rate on a Scottsdale mortgage?  We offer low wholesale Scottsdale mortgage rates everyday on all loan products.  We offer Jumbo loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA Rural Housing loans, Reverse mortgages, Unlimited Investment Property loans on both purchases and cash out loans, Fannie Mae Homepath, Harp loans, Interest Only loans, Non-QM loans, Stated loans, and numerous other loan products.

As of today 11/16/15, interest rates are still relatively low.  However, it is predicted that interest rates will go up in December when Janet Yellen gives her speech.  She has already made it clear she plans on raising interest rates at the next meeting.  Therefore, if you are still sitting around thinking about that new home purchase or refinancing an existing loan, now would be the time to act prior to the rate hike.

On Jumbo loans, we have a new 5% down loan program for borrowers with a high fico score, low debt to income ratio, and lots of reserves in the bank.  Don’t have a fico score?  No problem. You will just need to put 10% down on a Jumbo loan.

Looking for a no money down Scottsdale mortgage?  We have 100% no money down VA loans and on an FHA loan an immediate family member can gift you your down payment money during the loan process.

Is your new loan amount less than $417,000?  If yes, then you would be looking at obtaining a Conventional loan.  Depending upon your credit score you would either need to put 3% or 5% down.  If you have the money you would be better off putting 5% down because the monthly mortgage insurance premium percentage is a lot less than the 3% down program.  Interest rates are the same but the monthly mortgage insurance premium percentage can be costly.

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